April 16, 2013

Video produced by AJC Media Intern Leah Jaques

April 16, 1963 is the 50th anniversary of when Martin Luther King Jr. began writing “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” The Birmingham Public Library is organizing a worldwide celebration of the date, asking people to host public readings of the letter on April 16th.

Participants will host public readings from the Letter at various locations around the globe: libraries, museums, schools, universities, churches, synagogues, temples, work places, public parks, bookstores, street corners, coffee shops and anywhere people want to participate.

Here at the AJC Project we’re joining in with a video of Tulane students, staff and faculty reading the letter. Find a public reading by you.

You can find the full text of the letter here.

Readers (in order of appearance):

Unless otherwise listed, all readers work at or attend Tulane University. Special thanks to Kennadie, George and Whitney from Dibert Middle School who participated in this reading.

  • Melissa Harris-Perry, Founding Director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project; Professor of Political Science
  • Max Hart-Walsh, student
  • Avery Brewton, Community Service Program Manager, Center for Public Service
  • Sara Kugler, Program Coordinator, Anna Julia Cooper Project
  • Beam Chansangavej, student
  • Eliza Arnold, student; Anna Julia Cooper Project Research Fellow
  • Carmela Gonzales, student
  • Roseanne Adderley, Associate Professor of History
  • Bianca Falcon, student; Anna Julia Cooper Project Research Fellow
  • Derek Rankins, student
  • Susan Tucker, Curator of Books and Records, Newcomb College Institute
  • Ariel Guidry, Anna Julia Cooper Project Media Fellow
  • Juan Carlos Monterrey-Gomez, student
  • Kennadie, Dibert Middle School
  • Fatou Mbye, Associate Director for Residential Education, Training & Recruitment
  • Jeff Singer, student
  • Whitney, Dibert Middle School
  • Trimiko Melancon, Visiting Scholar, Anna Julia Cooper Project; Assistant Professor of English at Loyola University of New Orleans
  • Tabitha Williams, Area Director, Housing
  • Rachel Rubinstein, student; Anna Julia Cooper Project Research Fellow
  • Myriam Huet, Program Manager for Internships, Center for Public Service
  • Annie Hutson, student
  • George, Dibert Middle School

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