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In a recent interview with Bitch Magazine, Selma director and executive producer Ava DuVernay discussed how she updated the film to include the stories and voices of more women:

BM: Most of your previous work focuses on nuanced, strong Black women. With Selma, you’re shifting pretty substantially from that genre. Do you ultimately want to transition back?
DuVernay: You know, I always make films about Black women, and there’s a whole bunch of Black women in this film as well. I mean, King is the centerpiece, but when I tackled the film and came on board with the film, I brought in about twenty-seven new characters and insisted that the women of the movement be portrayed, so I expanded the character of Coretta Scott King. I added the character of Diane Nash, added the character of Amelia Boynton, added the character of Richie Jean Jackson, and expanded the character of Annie Lee Cooper. So, yeah, I will never make a film without a Black woman in it. I can say that very clearly. There’s no world in which I’m interested in telling stories where we are not there.

Selma is being released nationwide this Friday.

You can read the full interview at Bitch Magazine.

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