A native of New Orleans, Dorothy Mae Taylor was an advocate for justice and equality in the city. Long before the official start of her political career, Dorothy Mae Taylor challenged the New Orleans School Board’s racially discriminatory distribution of resources, supplies, and funding. Mrs. Taylor also led the charge to desegregate the New Orleans Recreation Department’s playgrounds and pools. Approximately forty years ago, Dorothy Mae Taylor became the first African American woman in Louisiana’s history to be elected to the State House of Representatives. Mrs. Taylor was later elected City Council President. Throughout her career, Taylor supported women, especially African American women, seeking political office. As the city of New Orleans celebrates the carnival season, we must remember that it was Dorothy Mae Taylor that introduced the ordinance that effectively integrated the Mardi Gras krewes.

Dorothy Mae Taylor's "Mardi Gras Ordinance"

-Post by Kristen Lee, Tulane University Student